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Surfacing Facts

Surfacing Facts


We believe the best consulting comes from knowing how to ask questions, listening closely to our clients, their customers and their partners, and working together to develop and implement solutions that best meet the critical needs of our valued clients.

Our custom solutions might involve developing a strategic plan, conducting market research, constructing journey maps, setting up a measurement system, running a creative problem-solving session, conducting a design thinking session, and/or creating a change management plan.

Strategy Development

Businessman Thinking
  • Do you have a strategic plan for customer experience that shows a clear path of where you want to go and how you will get there?


  • Is your CX vision and mission tied to your corporate vision or is it seen as standalone effort? 

  • Who is your target customer and how do you want to serve them?

  • What role does the entire value chain play in delivering the customer experience?

Customer Understanding

  • How much of your customers' mind space do you occupy? 

  • What problem is your customer trying to solve by doing business with you and how well does your offering do that job?

  • Have you adequately analyzed existing customer information to determine trends and insights?

  • Are you and your staff trained in a way to listen to, collect and understand customers' needs?

Measurement & Metrics

Person Checking Data
  • Do you have a robust follow-up process when your customers give you feedback? 

  • Have you established measures and KPIs based on what your customers told you was important?

  • Are your goals well documented and communicated to mobilize your organization into action?

  • Are you utilizing leading indicators and innovation-based metrics as well as traditional metrics?


  • Do you have a clear understanding and categorization of all the customer experience projects taking place?


  • Is there documentation of the problems that have the most impact on customer experience?


  • Are you keeping a scored portfolio for the solutions you have generated?

  • Have you established a governance board to help you decide where and when to spend resources?

Experience Design

design thinking.jpeg
  • Does your organization solve problems with gut-feel or do they have a robust process in place?


  • Do you involve customers when defining and solving problems? 


  • Do you have the internal skills and knowledge to conduct a full design process that includes gaining customer empathy, defining the problems to solve, conducting ideation sessions, creating prototypes and quickly testing those prototypes with customers?

Culture Change

Colleagues Working Together
  • At what level of the organization is support coming from for a customer-centric transformation?


  • Have you conducted a throughout assessment of your organizations' customer experience maturity?


  • Is there a change management plan in place that details out the work that is needed to get done, who does the work, and how it will get done?  


  • Do you have clear direction on how you will engage your employees to make the transition?

Strategy Development
Customer Understanding
Experience Design
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