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Dr. Shawn A Noble leads the group and offers over 20 years of exploring human behavior in over 30 industries. His background in Cognitive Psychology, with an emphasis on Judgment & Decision Making, has allowed him to help several Fortune 100 companies gain a richer understanding of customer needs and apply those insights to create innovative solutions.

Dr. Noble is a Certified Customer Experience Professional with extensive training, from top schools like Stanford and Northwestern, and experience in the following areas:

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Innovation

  • Marketing Research 

  • Journey Mapping

  • Analytics (including Big Data)

  • Segmentation and Targeting

  • Marketing Communications

  • Social Media

  • Ideation

  • Design Thinking

  • Six Sigma

  • Lean Methods

  • Change Management
  • Training and Development
  • Product and Service Development

  • Portfolio Management

He partners with other colleagues with similar backgrounds to provide you with extensive value for your organization. 

Our Experiences 


To become the most valued customer experience consulting company in the world, where clients are inspired to transform into a customer-centric organization


To empower clients with the knowledge, skills, and tools to drive greater business value through innovative customer-centric practices 


Customer Centric


Data Driven


Radically Collborative


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