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What Values Do You Value? (Please take the survey to find out)

Simply put, a Value is defined as one's judgment of what is important in life. This is reflected in the beliefs that one holds and moreover in his or her standard of behavior.

Researchers, business coaches, etc., have identified well over 200+ values. However, when you put these values into common themes they collapse into ~15 categories.

The Noble Consulting Group is doing a small research project to try and understand differences in core values. We would like to do this via crowd sourcing, so please take the survey and be sure to share it on your site or pass along the link to family and friends. We believe that it makes a great conversation piece for office staff as well as family members.

There is an option in the survey to share your email if you want a copy of the final report once final data collection has completed and the data has been analyzed.

Please just utilize this link to take the survey which should take less than 5 minutes.

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